The Making of Mellow Yellow

Welcome to the making of one of my most recent pieces Mellow Yellow. I started work on this about a year ago adding purely green to the length of the canvas in sweeping motions. I was always lost in a forest, the shade of green acrylic mixed with gloss medium added to the mystery inContinue reading “The Making of Mellow Yellow”

Sharing your multidimensional self

I know I have come a long way in terms of talking about myself as an artist as I can actually say the words now. Am I all the way there, hell no but I am trying every day and that is the main thing. I have written a lot over the years about chasingContinue reading “Sharing your multidimensional self”

Is your home a reflection of ‘you’ or a copy of the latest trends

Here is my most loved piece of furniture standing proud against the depth of the purple wall, my gallery wall. In order to show the piece in its glory I have chosen a few personal items to bring it to life. The colour of the green in the plants looks stunning with the purple andContinue reading “Is your home a reflection of ‘you’ or a copy of the latest trends”

Intimate Interiors

I have often been at a loss as to how to decorate this intimate space under my stairs and it was only after I moved some furniture around at Christmas time that I uncovered the beauty that is this area. The depth of colour in the purple walls is a stunning backdrop to a coupleContinue reading “Intimate Interiors”