I wish the world would stop

I wish the world would stopJust for a while, So that I can sitAnd turn down the dial.Someone pressed the pause buttonAnd gave us all a chance, To slow down, to reflectInstead of walking in a trance.The less you haveThe more you can see, Just how much you could be.What keeps you grounded?What makes youContinue reading “I wish the world would stop”

Are you good enough?

I am writing this from pages from my previous journal. I can’t give it an exact date however it could be a year ago. I wrote about being ‘good enough’ and this is what I wrote. “The good enough is like up past me, up higher than me. I guess I have always been unconsciouslyContinue reading “Are you good enough?”

The Power of Inspiration

On Friday, after school I was given an envelope marked mum. What I took out of the envelope was a beautiful written piece from my daughter. The most beautiful letter anyone has ever written to me. My daughter is the most beautiful person I have ever met. She is one of life’s truly special people,Continue reading “The Power of Inspiration”