All good writers must read and write a lot

Hi all and happy new year. I hope your Christmas time was as relaxed and peaceful as it could be. It sort of saddens me to say that this is my first piece of writing in quite a long time. I am hopeful that will change this year. Although I am partial to a greatContinue reading “All good writers must read and write a lot”

If you are waiting to become a finished product you are waiting for death

I am aware of the harsh title of this blog however it is time to start living your life now. We have all done it and said it, many times. “When I get a better job I will be sorted”. “When I lose weight life will be great”. This place, this time, this “when” isContinue reading “If you are waiting to become a finished product you are waiting for death”

Setting up an art/creative website

It has been a couple of weeks now since I first registered for my new art website and purchased my new domain name I always knew it would be a challenge. Help and support is always available (thanks WordPress) however the day to day additions, alterations and improvements needed to coincide with my goalsContinue reading “Setting up an art/creative website”

Never, ever give up

It has been a challenging couple of days, mainly with the disbelief of some people’s comments. Like anything in life, when you need to talk about a certain issue or challenges that you are facing, there are the people who make you feel worse than you did originally and those that listen with empathy andContinue reading “Never, ever give up”

New Contemporary Art

Excited to be showing my first framed pieces of my art. It has been a busy week of painting inside my home, more deep colour being added creating the intensity that I am looking for. The colours are so rich and opulent, there is almost a magical feel with it. Like being in another world,Continue reading “New Contemporary Art”