Seeing light at the end of the tunnel

Hi all, I wanted to write today about the importance and effectiveness of baby steps and slowly chipping away at a job/project. I have been working on our home since we moved in over three years ago. I remember having so many creative ideas, my creative juices were not just flowing they were overflowing. IContinue reading “Seeing light at the end of the tunnel”

Is your home a reflection of ‘you’ or a copy of the latest trends

Here is my most loved piece of furniture standing proud against the depth of the purple wall, my gallery wall. In order to show the piece in its glory I have chosen a few personal items to bring it to life. The colour of the green in the plants looks stunning with the purple andContinue reading “Is your home a reflection of ‘you’ or a copy of the latest trends”

Intimate Interiors

I have often been at a loss as to how to decorate this intimate space under my stairs and it was only after I moved some furniture around at Christmas time that I uncovered the beauty that is this area. The depth of colour in the purple walls is a stunning backdrop to a coupleContinue reading “Intimate Interiors”

The Art of Minimalism

I have learnt over the last few years the importance of less is more, in various contexts and I have found it to be my most effective way of living. Using art as a first example, the feeling of wanting to add a little bit more to a piece despite knowing deep down that youContinue reading “The Art of Minimalism”

Go with your décor (and self) not against

Yesterday was another productive day however more challenging as I was tired. I saw it as a challenge in order to test my commitment to my own vision and I am pleased to say I passed. Finally, the wood cladding (hated it) on the sides of the stairs has been painted the same deep purpleContinue reading “Go with your décor (and self) not against”