Turning your vision into reality

Another productive day painting more walls in our home including the ‘gallery wall’ which feels so amazing. As I stand back and see it in colour, despite it only being the first coat of colour I feel such emotion at what I have achieved. When I look back to the end of summer 2018 when I decided to start the next, most exciting part of our home interior design project I remember thinking how much work there was to do.

When you look at anything in its entirety it is always overwhelming however when you break it up section by section, day by day it is easier to digest. The hardest and easiest part is just starting as once you have made that first move, done that first bit of prep, first touch of paint it seems less daunting. What I have found so important in my process is to make sure I sit back every day and look at what I have done and cast my mind back to how it looked the day before. It is only by stopping and reflecting that you can see the extent of your hard work and achievement, not just with the practical design work but emotionally and spiritually.

Another thing I have found invaluable for me is to put my furniture back each night after painting instead of all being in the middle of the room or in another room. Even though this means I have to take it back out the next day with more work and time involved, I find that seeing everything back in its place against a new coat of paint, a new colour brings me such a huge sense of joy, pride and excitement. This then carries me through the next day as I can see my vision coming closer into reality, another step forward, my progress is clearly visible. It is my way if giving me that extra boost to keep me on my track and to keep going.

Second coat of paint tomorrow so we will be able to see the full glory of the new colour, I am so excited. I can visualize my art on the walls, in their new frames. I am getting way too excited, time to chill before bed (with toasted crumpets of course) and I can achieve more tomorrow.

Looking at more frames this week also so lots more exciting things to come.

Sleep tight, god bless

Sophie Marie x








Don’t let anything keep you from your vision

It has been another busy day with the interior design of our home and my other vision that I am working on. Having something thrown in my path unexpectedly today could have knocked me off my daily goals however I used it as a test to see how easy it was to knock me off my game. Did I let it stop me working on my vision? Hell no, it made me work harder. Use your challenges as your tools for growth. Tired now however the interior is looking awesome. So excited to show you all bit by bit soon. BTW where did the bunny come from?

Sleep tight

Sophie Marie

Art and Frame Collaboration

Each part of my art process is equally as important as the other and as such choosing the right frame for my art piece is essential. I have researched in detail the style of frames that I like and dislike and I have a vision of the style of work that I want to exhibit.

The collaboration with art and frame is paramount and has to uphold my standards as an artist. Only when I am truly happy with my framing decision can I start the process of putting the finishing touches to a piece.

Of course, you have to build a good relationship with your framer in order to convey your ideas and help them understand your vision.

The magic happens when I see my art piece framed and I know it just works, this is how it is supposed to be.

Packaged and professionally framed ready to display (coming soon)

Sophie Marie

Bring It On

To say I am excited is an understatement. To be precise, I am running around my home laughing, shouting bring it on with the biggest grin on my face. This feels awesome. This morning I purchased my domain name and arranged a few things associated with this, purchased my new website and prepped and painted a few walls all while listening to motivational speakers.

This people is what they call living your dream and I am doing it.

I have no idea (yet) how to set all the website up and as yet there is no content (almost some) however all this is irrelevant as I will learn and create as I go along. How exciting is that. All the work I have put in over the last few years has led me to this. I feel so blessed and proud.

I am proud of me x

(Now how to send – ha)