Turning your vision into reality

Another productive day painting more walls in our home including the ‘gallery wall’ which feels so amazing. As I stand back and see it in colour, despite it only being the first coat of colour I feel such emotion at what I have achieved. When I look back to the end of summer 2018 whenContinue reading “Turning your vision into reality”

Don’t let anything keep you from your vision

It has been another busy day with the interior design of our home and my other vision that I am working on. Having something thrown in my path unexpectedly today could have knocked me off my daily goals however I used it as a test to see how easy it was to knock me offContinue reading “Don’t let anything keep you from your vision”

Bring It On

To say I am excited is an understatement. To be precise, I am running around my home laughing, shouting bring it on with the biggest grin on my face. This feels awesome. This morning I purchased my domain name and arranged a few things associated with this, purchased my new website and prepped and paintedContinue reading “Bring It On”