Immediacy or lack thereof


I want to write today about something that I have struggled with for years. This has not only caused me wasted time, energy and stress/anxiety but I have also suffered financially as a result. What I am talking about is immediacy.

The definition that keeps popping up and one from the Oxford dictionary is “the quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something, giving rise to a sense of urgency or excitement”.

For me. my ‘excuse’ is that I am too busy doing other things to stop doing those and focus on something that needs my attention now. My brain knows that with certain things that is what I need to do however I still do not do it. To be respectful to myself, I have to say that I often try and challenge this and vow to be more immediate and not let things pile up. I have good intentions but they do not always transpire hence I am sat at my writing bureau (ooh exciting to say that) surrounded by papers that are on my sorting pile.

Now, for anyone reading right now I have to say that I have recently completed my tax return for my counselling practice and with that I organized, checked and filed my first three years of business away. All neat and tidy, receipts and invoices in check, all accounted for and as organised as could be which makes me very proud.

What I am mainly talking about is little bits of paper with things noted down, invoices that need checking, making sure I have been paid correctly. No ‘big’ jobs, more like itty bitty jobs that get left, put on the to do pile, get left at the bottom of my work bag or other bag. It then takes me twice as long because I have not dealt with them in the moment. That missed day then turns into two and before I realise a full week has passed (or a few). Does this ever happen to you?

It does frustrate me especially as I am getting the rest of my life so much more organised. Having a place for everything and having tidy, minimal drawers. The frustration I feel is that it makes life harder for me. I make my life harder and I promised myself about a year or two ago that I would stop doing this.

No need to start worrying, I am not on a beat myself up mission. I am merely wanting to get out in the open an area that is still an issue for me. Take an example from approximately one year ago (yes one year). I sold a fragile item to someone and had to have it posted. It apparently got damaged. I use the word apparently as I always had a weird, gut feeling about not posting it to this person however I went against my gut and this is what happened.

Jumping forward, I kept putting the refund papers in my bag and then getting them out. I did this many times. These papers were at the bottom of many bags. “I will do it today” I would say and never did. Then the papers sat on my studio stairs waiting for god to sort them I think, who knows. All I know is that those papers sat on those stairs for months despite me always thinking “I’m never going to get that refund now” and despite really needing that money. Still I did not deal with those papers until I sat at my bureau and got out the papers today.

I looked at them and realised to my horror that this was from March 2018. There is a three month time scale for refunds and even though I would have a go I can not find where the photos are stored. This leads me to think “well it’s your own fault” and there is a feeling of justice that this is my consequence for not sorting this out straight away. I guess this sounds a bit like beating myself up but I guess it is foolish to lose money you can not afford to lose.

Back to the here and now and I want to get better at this, I want to try (again) and this is all that I can do. I will say that I am very diligent in the work that I do when I start the ball rolling which is a positive, I just need to learn how to start rolling those balls earlier.

With much hope and encouragement (and hopefully no more financial loss)

Sophie Marie xx

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