About Me

Me in my nanna and grandads house wearing my favourite outfit with pride. I loved my Andy Pandy suit. How cool is that settee.

Words pending update…………

Art and creation for me is life. Of no less importance as these earlier pieces were a representation of a release of accumulated suppressed emotion. Without these there would not be the work that is emerging now and in some way there would not be me.

Art has helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level and I have been able to accept and embrace who I am at my core. Isolation no more. I am a creative individual and with that comes its unique struggles. You know when you have touched what is true in your heart as you can not see any other path and you no longer question or make excuses for how you are living.

My creative path to date has led me to a deep level of self awareness and enlightenment. I live my life with depth, holding God close to my heart and following what feels ‘right’ to me.  Through my art I hope to inspire you to connect with what makes you feel alive, to follow your own path and live with peace and meaning.

With much love

Sophie Marie